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We offer free coaching to all new and existing members...

Whether you are a beginner to bowls or would simply like a refresher to the game, at Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club we have a team of coaches who are on hand to support.


The club has a number of coaches who are all Bowls England accredited Coach Bowls qualified coaches.


If it is your first time playing bowls, our coaches are trained to provide clear and effective coaching. We can provide guidance on an individual basis or at arranged sessions throughout the year. All you need is a pair of flat soled shoes and all the other necessary equipment will be provided by the club.


Our friendly club coaches are on hand to guide you through all aspects of the game

Bowls Open Days & Taster Sessions

At Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club, we host Bowls Open Days and Taster Sessions for individuals, couples and families interested in playing bowls at the club.

Bowls can be a social game or a competitive sport - whatever your reason for playing, all you need on the day is a pair of flat soled shoes and we will provide all necessary equipment. 

For information regarding the next Bowls Open Day and Taster Session, please click here and filter the events by 'General'. 

To get a taster for the type of coaching we provide at Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club, please watch the videos below which outline an overview of bowl delivery, aiming points and common faults.

Bowl Delivery

Ensuring the correct bowl delivery will enable you to maximise all shots.


Learning how to correctly grip the bowl, identify your delivery line and correctly release the bowl is vital for effective bowling.

Aiming Points

To secure accurate shots on the jack, you need to effectively identify your aiming points.

Picking a point down the other end of the green will help your aim and accuracy.

Common Faults

Occasionally mistakes can creep into your delivery action; for instance wobbling bowls, bounce on delivery or overstepping.

Your bowls coach will be able to help you identify and correct these common faults.


For details about membership at Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club, click the button below:

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