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Bowls is a sport for all, regardless of age, sex or physical ability.​

Join us!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bowler, Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club always welcomes new members.

Health Benefits

1. Improved fitness

Bowls is a fantastic sport to get active and to stay healthy via a gentle, low impact activity. The walking required in a game aids vascular health and the movement of muscles and tendons during the act of delivering a bowl can improve muscular health.

2. Reduces risk of disease

Exercise through lawn bowls can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease whilst helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The more you play, the greater the benefits.

3. Enhanced mental wellbeing

Bowls is a great sport to improve mental health. The sport requires coordination, strategy and agility, in turn aiding good cognitive health. Additionally, bowls is a community game where like-minded individuals come together to play, helping to enhance mood.

 Playing Benefits

1. Easy to learn

The playing fundamentals of bowls can be quickly learnt. With increased practice, your technique and playing strategy can rapidly improve.

2. The rules are simple

Bowls has a clear set of rules which can be easily understood.

3. Does not require masses of equipment

Whilst you will eventually need a set of bowls, the club can usually provide new bowlers with a set to practice with.

Social Benefits

1. A social game

Bowls is a social game where you can enjoy the company of a variety of people. Through friendly games and club competitions, you can meet and talk to lots of new people. 

2. Events & opportunities

Alongside Bowls games, the sport offers many opportunities including: attending club celebration evenings, travelling to different bowls clubs, and becoming a member of the club committee to influence its running.

3. Fun for everyone

Bowls is a sport with great adaptability meaning all members of the family can get involved!

Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club Memberships

Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club offers two memberships:

Full Playing Membership

Unlimited use of the bowls facilities during the outdoor playing season (April - September) plus all social membership benefits.

Social Membership

Annual membership of the Digswell Park Sports & Social Club including discount bar pricing. The club has two big screens for live sporting events and hosts live music and entertainment events. The DPSA also offers cricket, carpet bowls, poker, quiz nights, pool, and darts.

Membership Fees

The membership fees for the 2024 season are as below:

Membership Type
Full Playing Member
Full Playing Member in Full Time Education
Junior Playing Member (under 17 on 1/9/2024)
Family Social Membership

*Full playing membership includes spouse or partner’s social membership.

**Full subscription for each additional Junior Playing Member in the same family; Junior Playing Membership includes Family Social Membership for the whole family.

Get Active - Have Fun - Play Bowls

Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club welcome all individuals, couples and families who wish to join. If bowls sounds like the sport for you, please click the button below to enquire about membership:

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